CSV data wrangling toolkit with 50+ commands.

Blazing-Fast Data Wrangling!

qsv is a blazing fast, pleasingly parallel, CPU-accelerated, data wrangling toolkit that's built on Rust and Polars to slice, dice, and analyze your data in seconds from the command line. It's designed to handle very large datasets without specialized programming skills, and is available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Here's a demo of a few qsv commands:

50+ Commands for Daily Tasks

A whole library of practical commands informed by decades of work dealing with messy data from disparate sources.

Commands that you may use for one-off tasks, that you can also readily deploy to mission-critical pipelines.

More Than Just CSVs

Designed with composability in mind, qsv can work with many tools in your Data Wrangling Library - as CSV is the lingua franca of Data.

Other file formats are supported too, such as Excel, Open Document Spreadsheet, JSON/JSONL, DataPackage, Apache Arrow/Parquet - even directly pump data into SQLite and PostgreSQL databases.

No Programming Required

You don't need to program to wrangle your data at scale. But if necessary, there's built-in support for Luau and Python.

Want to run SQL queries but don't have a SQL database? No problem! You may use qsv to run complex SQL and join queries with the join, joinp, and sqlp commands.

Learn qsv with online lessons & exercises!